Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My story...

Hi, my name is Ni'Matul Ain Bte Hairudin. And my nickname is hamster. Im not sure  why but many people calls me that so I just stick  to that nickname. Perhaps, one of my friend said that my face looks like a hamster. Is it true? Still trying to figure out about it. Haha. Okay so now I have to move with my story. I have 2 little sisters and they are super annoying but still cute. Maybe they will to get some attention from me by making me get annoyed by them. Ouh well, I still love them as who they are.
So I want to cut it short. I am just gonna tell more about myself and my interest... Hmmm, so lets start with my hobby. Okay, I am in photography and I love sports such as netball, bowling, swimming, volleyball and badminton. Actually, I love different kinds of sports. I've experienced how to play lacrosse in a international school in Singapore. It was so much different than my secondary school. Especially the environment around there and how the students behave. I love to sing, dance and listen to different kinds of songs. I used to learn how to play guitar by myself but now, I have stopped playing with it because I am not sure what is the next step and so on...
So maybe I will like to end off here about my life story and maybe continue to blog soon... Actually, there are many stories that I  will like to blog about, So yeah... :)

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