Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My past and present class...

Phewww, coming to my class during Secondary 3 this year was a bit terrifying. But still I have to overcome it or I will not be able to get along with my classmates. Trying to adapt with their environment was tough and awkward at first. Especially when some of them talked was different then my other friends that usually talked to me. The way some of them talked was somehow chim and not able to understand the words as their English language was so much better then mine. At first when they talked, I just smiled and knock my head to show that I understood but actually I do not. Haha, it was funny for me at first but eventually I overcome my shyness in me. I observed  people in my class. Every single on of them I observed and the way  the react to peoples opinion an d etc. Im writing this is also not to offend anyone but just telling how I felt to my current class. I really missed my past class as I just cant believed how close we are during that 2 years since Secondary 1 ! We are just like family and  have a very strong teamwork. Especially when there is inter class competition, the guys will just encourage the girls in my class not give up and  always cheered for us. They motivated us and we are just like a family. The girls are just like sisters to me while some guys are like brothers to me. The way we play, have fun with each other ... I just cant  explained it more because it was the best thing in my secondary life so far. I still remembered when we  had a class barbeque party during the school holidays . Most of my classmates came down to have the fun together. There is more to say but I have not much time as I have  school tomorrow and actually I am really  sleepy now. hehe. But really,  I missed my old class,  3N2 <3

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